STG International, a public company traded in Tel-Aviv stock Exchange, is a leading Value Add Reseller of electronic components, equipment and systems in Israel.The Company is engaged with all market segments of the high-tech industry in Israel and has impressive track of record,  offering optimal solutions to customers to which it is a valuable partner.STG expertize is in the fields of communications, security, medical, industrial and semiconductors industries.The company’s long-standing involvement with the government electronic business makes it an integral part of any major avionics and defense programs.STG has a staff of 60 employees most of whom are involved with field technical marketing and sales.The Company takes pride in its operational excellence and high customer service level, supported by "best in class" computing systems and warehouse capabilities.



Be the Partner of Choice to both our principles and our customers by providing synergetic comprehensive solutions in order to increase business and deliver added value.STG is actively partnering with customers at the initial stage of projects, obtaining an understanding of their applications. STG focus is on building both a professional and a personal relationship with key players while selectively expanding its product offering that best serves the challenging and dynamic nature of the Israeli business arena.



Agility and Stability is a unique blend in our DNA, enabling us to deliver a highly professional support to our partners while adjusting rapidly to the dynamic trends of the industry.Our sales force has a proactive mindset and has the mix of seniority alongside with innovation. This combination allows us to address the diverse customers' profile of the ever evolving Israeli Market.Our experienced management team has an average of 17 years within the company and is empowered by our executives, whom are driving growth for more then 30 years.This accumulated practice is continuously creating many success stories for our partners and us.